• Laced Up "Documenting The Sneaker Culture"

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    Laced Up is a documentary that shines light on the world of the sneakers; the collector’s and the obsession that transcends across generations, races and culture. Over 2 years we traveled across the county speaking with influential people within the sneaker culture. Take a peek into the history,...

  • Laced Up - Bonus Pack

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    Enjoy a few extra videos with Mark "Jumpman" Bostic, Freehand Profit and DJ Skee.

  • Mark "Jumpman" Bostic

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    Mark Jumpman" Bostic talks sneaker culture. He also takes us on the line with him for some Jordan 4 also called "Cav 4's"

    Interview by Bryan Payne

    All rights reserved copyright 2014

  • DJ SKee Top 10
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    DJ SKee Top 10

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    One of the hottest DJ's in the USA breaks down his top 10 for Laced Up.

  • Freehand Profit - The Chop

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    Freehand takes us on a Chop of the Lebron 9's